What is love?


One of my good friends is currently undertaking a project on creating a kind of documentary looking at love – what it is, how can it be defined from different points of views and people from different cultures. In essence, it sounds like a great project and I am very happy for her!

I was lucky to be asked on what my views were on the subject of love and she will record my thoughts sometime soon. I was asked this about a month ago and it made me evaluate on what love is and how I have experienced it.

So far, this is what I have come up with:

Love is all encompassing, it’s madness,   

It hurts and it can bring great joy. 

It goes against all logic.  

Even when all the signs say no, your heart says yes. 

Even when you sense trouble ahead and see all the warning signs, you plough on through.  

You care so much to the detriment to yourself.           

You burn and get burnt,   

And hopefully they will too.     

Hopefully they will desire you as much as you do with them. 

That is all we can hope for.   

Whether that flame will flicker and extinguish early on, 

Or scorch for a lifetime we will never know,

And yet we should never stop trying.    

To not try is to give up and to give up is failure.   

I would rather be burnt each time than to not try at all.

What are your opinions?



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