In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Weaving the Threads.”

It is something we all seek, whether we acknowledge it or not. We know when we see a beautiful person and when we don’t, but how do you define it?

For me, beauty would be someone like Sade – a beautiful woman with nice features, such as full lips, long hair, great curves and yet slim. In essence, what I would love to look like. A strong female who is feminine and yet not girly; strong and yet delicate in some way.


– – – – –

This is my version of beauty, but it’s certainly not the only one and shared by all. Some people aspire to be rake-thin, while others see strong, athletic types as ideal. There is no one type and why should there be? We all have different cultural influences, upbringing, likes and dislikes, personal tastes and preferences.

Life would be boring if we all considered one type as beautiful.

There may be a science to beauty, such as a preference for symmetry and signs that indicate fitness and the likelihood of healthy offspring

However, there is more to it than ratios and such. Beauty is such a complex subject, which makes it a fascinating thing to ponder on. What do I consider as beautiful? Why? What factors are involved?

– – –

It’s easy to compare oneself to another person and say that they have better thighs or shape, which can lead to feeling bad about ourselves. We are unique, however, and need to appreciate what it is that makes who were are. I may sometimes feel disheartened that I don’t weigh as little as I hope to weigh or that I’m not as thin as others I see, but I do like certain aspects of myself. I like my blue eyes for being unusual. I like my womanly curves. I like how in the summer I get freckles and how they stand out. These things make me feel beautiful and feel more confident in myself.



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  2. wanghui138138 · April 2, 2015

    This is so interesting! I wrote a somewhat related post on makeup in my blog, but in general, I agree that since beauty is mostly a social construct, we should embrace different definitions of it.


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