Will I ever feel ready? Is that even possible?

So I was meant to go to Japan to teach English in June. It feels too soon though! I’m still working at my full-time job in London, I’ve only restarted learning Japanese and my teaching feels rusty already.

I was originally meant to go in April, but decided to delay it to June. Now I’ve asked the company I’m going through on whether I can start in July or August.

Is this me just being scared and putting it off or is it right to have more time in order to rest beforehand and feel better prepared?

I did the right thing in delaying in Japan. I think it’s not me just trying to put it off, but to make sure that I have the Japanese language nailed down as much as I can while in the UK and practice teaching one-to-one before I go, such as in a language exchange with a Japanese speaker. That way I would feel more confident in going to Japan and be ready as a teacher. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

I love plans and setting goals. Meeting them is a lot harder and doesn’t always happen, but I love to plan and write to-do lists. I know that the true learning of the Japanese language will occur when I’m actually in Japan, but I can do a lot beforehand to feel ready.

The idea is to:

– finish learning all the kana (I’ve learnt most of the hiragana, but not the katakana). 

– focus more on listening (such as listening to more language CD’s and online sources like fluentu) and writing (join a penpal type of thing and practice writing in romanji)

– then start speaking Japanese (could try a language exchange and practice my teaching one-to-one skills). I can currently speak some Japanese, but it’s very limited!

It’s strange to note that this order of learning is different from what I was taught in the CELTA and how I would teach English! Normally the emphasis is on speaking with less focus on listening, reading and finally writing. Hmm…I may need to rethink my learning strategy.



  1. pasttherabbithole · March 31, 2015

    I say go for it! You’ll probably never feel ready because there will always be room for improvements. And by staying too long you might end up building a fantasy of what it would be like, some illusion that could destabilize you if not met. That said, I am no teacher nor do I speak Japanese so what do I know ! ;P In any case good! I think with the right attitude (which you definitely seem to have), anything can be done!


    • littlebearwanders · April 7, 2015

      Thank you for your kind words Mathilde! As you say, there’s the possibility of building it up in my head and that could make me adjusting to Japan a lot harder! Many thanks for your kind comment

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  2. litadoolan · April 3, 2015

    Here’s to an exciting adventure whenever you decide to start and your current life sounds fairly cool anyhow!


    • littlebearwanders · April 7, 2015

      Ha, thank you. My life feels manic and uncertain most of the time, but yes, it’s not as boring as it used to be!


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