If I had the chance to redo my life, would I choose to do differently?

I read an interesting question yesterday, which asked “If I had a chance to decide what I wanted to be in another life, would I choose what I am now?”

I wouldn’t have changed my experiences (both the good and bad), since they made me what I am. Sure, life would have been easier if my father wasn’t a (non-violent) alcoholic. Yes, my childhood would have been less sad without all the bullying I suffered from as a child. But maybe I was meant to experience this life and go through these challenges to be the person I am?

I would change myself, however, or more specifically, I would have changed my responses and reactions to things. I would have stood up for myself more and be honest about what I wanted. I would like to have been more adventurous and open to experiences, but at the same time caring more about myself and what was best for me.

I would live life more to the full, but put myself first. I may have not done this in the past, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it now.



  1. shakeclouds · April 2, 2015

    nice post 🙂


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