Enthusiasm, doubt, pushing through

One of my friend’s told me about a deal she could get near her for cheap snowboarding lessons. I’ve never tried, but in spirit of being more adventurous this year, I expressed interest. I came across keen and my friend booked it for me before I even confirmed! This wouldn’t be so bad if she lived local, but she lives in a town up in North England.

After a confusing period of me expressing doubt, I thought about why I was stalling. Was I afraid? I’ve never done anything like snowboarding before and it does seem a bit scary. Is it the money? I tend to save money, but if I have some money to spare and want to use it wisely, why not visit my friend for the weekend and try something new? After doing a 360 degrees, I got back to my friend and decided I am going now. The tickets are booked and I will try snowboarding for the first time in early May!



  1. Mathilde · April 15, 2015

    Enjoy snowboarding is so much fun! I find it also less scary than skying. I think it’s because you’r not facing the slope when going down. If I have one advice, do some squats to get your legs in shape before going, that way you’ll avoid too much muscle ache 🙂 Enjoy, there is nothing like it!


    • littlebearwanders · April 16, 2015

      Thank you, I will definitely start doing squats then! I’m glad you enjoyed it, it should be a fun thing to do 🙂


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