‘Coming To a Bookshelf Near You’ – what my book would be about

“Inga, a young woman with a hidden past, comes to England to make a new future for herself after her family escapes wartime Germany and anti-Semitism. From dealing with family taken to concentration camps and readjusting to hostility in the UK towards foreigners, she must learn how to survive.”

There’s a saying that each person has a book in them that they can write.

If I ever wrote a book, I would love to research more about what my grandmother had to go through. Her mother’s side of the family were Jewish and they lived in Germany, which was not a safe area to be in the 1930/40’s!

I would love to find out more what it was like leaving a place knowing that you had to in order to survive; what happened to my family members that went to Belsen and died in that concentration camp; what my grandmother faced when she came to UK; what life was like for those who escaped persecution from the Nazi’s to only be detained in an internment camp in the UK ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutchinson_Internment_Camp ); find out why and what is was like for my grandmother to hide the fact that she was of Jewish origin from the rest of family. This and so many more questions I would love to explore and tell.

– In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Coming To a Bookshelf Near You.”


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