Maximiser or satisficer? When enough is enough

I’ve been trying to decide which laptop I should get now that my current one is old and on its last legs (it won’t last more than 30 minutes off the mains and does this thing where it won’t turn on or turns itself off whilst making odd beeping sounds!)

I’ve been saving up money and am lucky to have enough to buy a decent laptop. Since I’m going to go travelling soon, I thought that the MacBook Air may be a good choice because of its lightness and that it has a great battery life reportedly. It’s still a very expensive choice though with the entry level 13″ MBA at £750!

You would not believe how much time and energy I have spent looking at different laptop reviews, contacting various computer people I know, etc, to try to find the best deal and work out what’s best for me. It’s good to do some research, but I have literally wasted so much time and head space on what laptop to get and this has been going on for nearly 6 weeks now.

In the maximiser vs satisficer continuum, I am definitely the former. It sounds great, doesn’t it? You would think that trying to get the maximum out of everything and choosing the best option would be great, but in reality, this can lead to perfectionism and indecision with the feeling that something has to the best or it’s not good enough.

I need to just set the criteria on things on which are good enough and choose what fits. Life is too short to waste time on inconsequential things. I can understand why Zuckerberg wears the same type of clothes everyday!

It may seem strange or boring to do such a thing, but it can be quite liberating

I saw this post on the BBC website about orphans who survived concentration camps during the Nazi era and how they fared afterwards –

This is definitely a bump in reality. Why do I worry so much about if X is best or whether Y is good enough, when it’s the important things that matter – survival, family, life.


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