Am I scared? You bet your ass I am!

Ah, the duality of life. Sometimes you can’t help, but see the bad with the good.

Travelling = yay!    but also travelling = is it dangerous? how do I stay safe?

Last August, I went backpacking around Europe and travelled around by Interrail. I did this solo and it took me just short of 4 weeks to cover 10 cities in 9 different countries. To say I’ve never done this type of thing before is an understatement! I’ve done a bit of backpacking before, but this only consisted of a few days in places like Amsterdam and Edinburgh with friends.

The trip was fun, exciting, stressful, scary, enlightening, but it certainly wasn’t boring. I discovered that I liked travelling alone and that I’m stronger than I think. I enjoyed exploring a city by wandering around and seeing what grabs my attention. Certain cities, like Venice, I would have enjoyed more with someone else there, but I still had a good time.

It’s scary enough to move to another country where you share the language, but to move to another country where you don’t share the same language, culture or customs can be downright daunting!

So, why am I doing it? I have a good life, I do realise that. I live in London, which a great city; I’ve had great education; a lot of culture is available to access; I have a variety of different possibilities to me and yet I want more. I have dreamt about living abroad for ages. I want to look back on my life when I am 80 years old or whatever and say ‘what an interesting life I had!’. I don’t want to settle in some humdrum office job where I’m clockwatching to when it’s leaving time. I want a job that’s more exciting and where I can help people.

I used to work as a teaching assistant in primary schools and found it very rewarding. Unfortunately, the pay is terrible and not enough to really live on. I was not paid for any of the school holidays or half terms and schools have a lot of them! I was unable to eat out or do things with my friends, so I chose to get a education-related office job. Some aspects are interesting, but on the whole, I hate how it’s pretty much me in an office, staring at the computer.

exactly one life

You only have one life, so live it.

Yes, moving to Tokyo is frightening. However, it sure won’t be boring. Even if it’s not the right move and doesn’t suit me, at least I’ve tried and can always try something else. I often feel stagnated in the UK, so here’s my chance to change it up.

I should not let my fear stop me from doing things because there will never be a time when I don’t have fears or doubts of some kind. The unknown is always scary at the beginning.

Scary can just be seen as the flipside of exciting.

And just because I’m scared, it doesn’t mean this move is wrong. I just need to plow on through.


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