You have no power over me


If you haven’t seen the movie, you have to! It’s very 80’s, it has puppets as main characters and includes David Bowie!

I remember seeing this film as a child and have always loved it. I had the chance to see it a few months ago at the cinema and although some bits have aged, it also touched me in ways I didn’t realise before.

For example, the control of Jareth over Sarah. How did I not notice the significance of the following scene?

You have no power over me

Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want.

“Just fear me – love me – do as I say, and I will be your slave!”

I saw this film whilst I was trying to get over H after I broke up with him and was spending so much time and energy of thinking what could have been, what i should have done, how does he feel about me, etc etc. [It sad to say, but I still do that now. I do miss him.]

Anywho, I realised that I wasted so much energy on other people and was giving them power.

For others, the power others hold may be taken or stolen from the manipulatively and not giving out by choice like I did. So many relationships are similar to this quote – love me and give me everything you have, then I will love you back / don’t see that person or do that thing you want to do and I will give you what you want.

Hold onto your power and never give it to someone who won’t respect it.


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